user experience & interface designer, illustrator, entrepreneur.

coffee aficianado, amateur musician, technophile, introvert.

illustration set 1


Some illustrations made at the start of 2020. Inspired by conversations around privacy invasion, political dissent, gender equality and respect.



Some pictograms I illustrated during and inspired by lockdown 2020.


Designed & Developed

An iOS app that helps users stick to their allocated budget. Earmark a certain amount to a collection & track your expenses.


Designed & Developed

An iOS app that creates a new soundscape for every session to help you concentrate better. Feel calm and focused for better mental health.


Designed & Developed

An iOS app that helps brew the perfect cup of pourover coffee with a v60 or other dripolators. Based on pouring ratios its helps brew the perfect cup.


Designed & Developed

An iOS app that helps brew the perfect cup of pourover coffee. Based on pouring ratios, it guides you to brew a great cup.


Designed & Developed

An iOS app that helps generate Aeropress recipes using five factors. It is based on James Hoffmann's Aeropress dice.

Designed & Developed

A web-app that has curated bandcamp albums and public information of the artists. It is also my first experiment with development for the web.

past clients

Each client, company or brand is different and thus requires different solutions. Listed below are some of the brands I have worked with over the last few years. Each project required different skill sets from illustrations to UX.

Flipkart (all the icons on the packaging that makes you smile), Usha Cooks, Suba Hotels, Rustomjee Real Estate Developers, Lodha Group, Mahindra Holidays, HDFC Bank, IDFC Bank.


favourite design quote

"Centre aligned text, on most occasions should be reserved for tombstones."